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So happy to see Artist's Way for 2008

Just a little intro.  I have gone through the Artist's Way about 2 times.   Each time I did it without any support group.
It has proved very helpful, but I feel I would like to have some like minded people to do this with.  I really don't have time
to go to local group at this time so this seems perfect.
Are we starting anywhere in particular or should I continue where I am which is Chapter 2 - Recovering A Sense of Identity.
I've made a commitment to work on a needlepoint project ,which I have had sitting around for too long, and to study Latin and
Greek roots (to help build my vocabulary),  Look forward to getting to know all of you.
Oh, I currently am suffering with S.A.D. with explains my mood icon.

Jan. 17th, 2008

artistsway08 is up, running and ready for budding writers and artists to form a new Creative Cluster, for your support,inspiration and encouragement. Join now! (:

Artist's Way

**Waves Hi**

Any chance this comm will carry on into 08?

I have done some good work with TAW, and continue to work it and share it with creative folk .

I'm new to LJ last year, mostly active in HP and Snape Fandom.


I just joined this community to help me stay focussed as I do NaNoWriMo this month, and also cuz I love TAW and haven't gone through the program in  several years. Time for a refresher course.
    In the past I've worked in groups where we all checked in once a week with our Artist's Date, report on success (or "not quites") with Morning Pages and whatever exercises we did for the chapter that week. I don't know if anyone here is following the book chronologically right now, but if no one minds, I'd like to do that just to keep myself on track. Accountability. :o)
    I'd also be happy to discuss with anyone who wants to some of the ideas Julia Cameron uses. I'm no expert on TAW, and would love to learn what others' experiences have been as well as share mine.
    So I'm beginning this week with chapter one.. ..and I guess I need to come up with an Artist's Date.
    More later!

sudden bursts of activity!

made a little web page as part of a collaborative artist's group around here in San Francisco.. it's not as good as the 'FUSSBALL' page, but it'll do! :)


also, if you're stalling on learning to make a web page and don't have a lot of knowledge, we used Homestead for both hosting and for the Sitebuilder software, very easy to use.

also, i've started doing ...well, you could call it 'morning pages' but they sort of go on throughout the day! i've got pockets of scrip on loose sheets.. a prescription of drivel in bursts. anyway, glad to be doing art again.

i've been ruminating on the 'sense of worth' for a while, and realized that simple action of art-making vaulted me over that hurdle. having a bunch of it produced and spread out, it's easier to look at objectively and judge more accurately.

this web page really helped me because i had to sort out things by 'subject' and leave out other things. (it also helped to have a theme, in this case, 'psychogeography' or 'place')
it helped develop a little more 'eye' for consistency.

we CAN (learn to) judge our own stuff and not rip it apart!!

Time Travel - ch 1

Has anybody done the exercise at the end of ch 1 where you list old enemies of self worth? Did anyone here make that list? I'm just curious to know how people did with it. Was it easy or hard? How about taking one item and writing at length about it? How have people here done? Im very curious about this - I'm having a hard time with this exercise.

Anyone still doin the hard yards?

Hiya artists and creative type peoples!

I only discovered these Artists' Way communities a few days ago, and I know it's September, but...

I think with the Spring Equinox only a week away (well for me it is hehe) it feels like it may be a good time to give this another go. Anyone in the same boat? getting the same sort of urges to start over?

A little about me - my creative outlet for the last few years has been knitting, spinning and dyeing, mostly because they are cheap, mobile and easy crafts for a poor student. I started working a few months ago, and I'm dusting off my calligraphy pens and paintbrushes (you can see some of my re-beginnings on my main blog, http://monnsqueak.typepad.com - most of it is fairly basic at this stage, but I'm loving it!

So who's still here? Where's everyone at?

Walking In this World

If anyone is interested in doing Julia Camerons follow up book Walking in this World markmc03  just started today. Our community is [info]walkinthisworld</font></div>

What art do you make?

I'm curious about what my fellow Artist's Way-ers might be doing as art.

- I write & I make music with my computer. I have a few short compositions/tracks - I hope to finish an EP & then an album, & I also have a short story and a novel I'm working on. My instrument is guitar. I hold up Vincent Gallo as my inspiration. He acts, directs, writes screenplays and writes music! plus he used to be a calvin kline model & that's gotta count for something ;)